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You Are Looking For Marriage? Discover What Is The Best Tribe To Marry In Nigeria


In Nigeria, 371 tribes and dialects, as well as varied and rich civilizations, are present in Nigeria.

The finest tribe to marry a wife from in Nigeria is a very touchy subject. Marriage is a lovely institution that deserves serious consideration.

Every tribe in Nigeria is different and has characteristics that may draw people to them or keep them apart when it comes to marriage.

Here is an article that will help you know what is the best tribe to marry in Nigeria.

The Igbos

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The states of Enugu, Imo, Anambra, Abia, and Ebonyi are part of the Igbo ethnic group, which is found in the southeast of Nigeria. One of the greatest tribes in Nigeria to marry a bride is the Igbo because:

Their wives are skilled at caring for and keeping them. They are incredibly sexually satiating to their husbands and very romantic.

By preparing a variety of regional foods, they demonstrate their ability to love and care for their spouses and family members.

Igbo women are good at putting together meals from different parts of their country, like oha soup, bitter leaf soup, vegetable soup, ofe owerri, nkwobi, and roasted yam, to feed their families.

They are great partners because of:

  • They work hard and are quite attractive.
  • They are exceedingly respectful, deferential, and submissive to their husbands.
  • They place a high priority on immediate and extended family. fostering camaraderie and love among members.
  • They always take on the position of an educator in the home, instructing and guiding their kids because they are highly educated.

The Tribe Of Igalla

Kogi state is home to the Igalla tribe. One of the best tribes in Nigeria to marry a wife from is the Igalla tribe. The tribe's women are viewed as potential wives because:

  • They treat their husbands with a lot of respect and submission.
  • They are extremely domesticated and devoted to their immediate and extended families.
  • They are devout Christians who always trust God to keep their homes safe and in good shape.
  • They always teach their children about their culture, values, language, and regional cuisine.

The Tribe Of Anang

This tribe, which is based in the state of Akwa Ibom, is regarded as one of the best tribes to marry a woman from because:

  • Their women are stunning. They are highly respectful and have endearing personalities.
  • They are incredibly domesticated and skilled at taking care of their husbands and loved ones.
  • They can make a variety of regional dishes that some men find irresistible, and they are very passionate and good at wooing men.

The Yoruba Tribe

One of the greatest tribes in Nigeria for finding a wife is the Yoruba tribe, especially women from Lagos State.

They are:

  • They are extremely attractive, intellectual, and smart.
  • They are really helpful and provide financial support for the house.
  • They are empathetic, passionate, and adept at pleasing their husbands.
  • They respect their culture and provide their kids with the best education possible.
  • They honor their husbands and treat them with the utmost respect.

The Esan Tribe

Edo State is home to the Esan tribe. It is regarded as the best tribe in Nigeria for wives because:

  • They are very respectful of their husband and obedient to him.
  • They value family, are sociable, and gather the entire extended family.
  • They are devoted to their husband and exhibit great love and compassion.
  • They have lower expectations and are always happy with what they have.

The Abua Tribe

In the southeast of Nigeria, in Rivers State, is where the Abua tribe is found. They make for cheerful company.

This tribe is among the best for finding a wife because they share practically all of the Igbo tribe's characteristics.

Igbo tribe young woman
Igbo tribe young woman

People Also Ask

Which Is The Best Tribe In Nigeria?

Whatever the situation, Yoruba tribe members are among the most educated in Nigeria.

When it comes to Nigeria's educated tribes, this tribe is the talk of the town. The Igbo are Nigeria's most educated ethnic group.

Which Tribe Is Good For Marriage?

The women of Luhya have lovely body shapes and well-positioned teeth (mwanya). They work really hard and can prepare any type of food like a professional chef.

They give their husbands their undivided love, devotion, and support in all facets of their lives.

Which Tribe Practices Gift Marriage In Nigeria?

A strange and usually expensive tradition from the Igbos says that a list of gifts, which can sometimes include money, must be given to a bride-to-be before she can get married.


You should check to see whether your spouse is from one of these tribes if you are considering marrying a Nigerian woman, since they are the top tribes in the nation and the best tribes to marry in all of Nigeria.

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