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Be Aware If You See This Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You


What are the signs a Nigerian guy is using you? We wish to take this chance to respond to your inquiries.

This article is for you if you are in a relationship with a Nigerian man and are unsure of whether he is truly in love with you or is just fooling you.

If you follow the rules, being in a relationship is wonderful; if not, you will constantly mourn over shattered hearts.

However, I am here to help you as your relationship counselor and spare you the looming heartbreak. I'll give you 15 indicators that a Nigerian guy is using you in this post.

This post is for:

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  • For a single woman hoping to soon find love.
  • You are dating a Nigerian man.
  • You've had your heart shattered by a guy before, and you don't want that to happen again.
  • You are now being approached for a relationship by a Nigerian man.

There are proven indicators that a Nigerian man is utilizing you.

He Won't Pursue You In Any Way

It's fascinating that he was the one who requested your hands in friendship. He no longer calls, chats, or even texts you anymore.

He won't call if you don't make the call. When you call, message, or chat with him, he will want you to believe he is about to call you.

Such behavior is indicative of a Nigerian man manipulating you. According to the law of relationships, "a man will do whatever it takes to win you if he loves you."

Ignore the justification that he is shy. He just doesn't like him as much as you do.

The fact is that all men are action-oriented, especially when they can clearly see what they want.

Therefore, ignore it if a Nigerian man isn't pursuing you since he doesn't want you. But if you persist in chasing him, he won't think twice about breaking your heart.

Give yourself some wisdom and quit where you are right now; otherwise, you will enjoy experiencing heartbreak. Trust me when I say that he will keep playing you until he is worn out.

He Can't Even Meet Your Family

A Nigerian man will never desire to visit any of your families, despite the fact that he will not marry you if he has never met your family members.

He doesn't want to see your family because it sounds like an introduction ceremony.

Even though it may not be convenient for him, a loving man who wants you will enjoy spending time with your family because he sees you as his future bride.

He will do this simply to show you that he values and cares for you.

If a Nigerian man follows you home, he is merely using you as a pawn to further his own interests.

As soon as he is happy with you, he will dump you. Keep your eyes somewhat well lit.

He Never Became Envious

Even if being jealous isn't always a good thing, it is occasionally acceptable. Can you describe how it makes you feel when your "man" watches you playing with a transgender person?

He just always reminds you that you are free to live your life however you choose.

That is a really encouraging indicator. He is not at all concerned about you. If he does, he will get envious if the situation calls for it.

He Avoids Talking About Getting Married

We want to know if he loves you or if he's using you, so we can look for such indicators. Then observe his behavior anytime you bring up a marriage-related subject.

If he decides not to marry you, two things will occur.

He might simply leave.

Modify The Subject

It's because you are unaware that you haven't noticed this before. I ask that you keep an eye out for these indicators.

He will start the conversation and persuade you about it if he wants to marry you or if he is thinking about a future with you. If not, realize that he's tricking you.

Never expect him to pay attention to you

Either he is not a good listener or he simply doesn't care.

This could be the root of this. He can talk to you about all his worries, fears, and issues, but he won't pay attention when you want to discuss your wants or concerns.

He should talk to his buddies or press his phone at that time. He doesn't want you, so forget it. Either you allowed him to leave or you are to blame.

A Nigerian couple dressed up
A Nigerian couple dressed up

People Also Ask

How Do You Know If A Nigerian Guy Likes You?

A Nigerian man who genuinely cares for you would show you his love by performing small acts of generosity on a regular basis.

Another significant point is that independent women who don't make a lot of demands are valued by Nigerian men.

How Do You Know A Nigerian Man Wants To Marry You?

  • He won't leave you guessing.
  • Communication flow is not forced or one-sided.
  • He's Not Ashamed or hesitant to meet everyone you know.
  • He talks about his future with you in the picture.
  • He consults you before making decisions.

How Do You Know If A Nigerian Man Is Married?

A married Nigerian man may decide to wear his wedding band on one of his other fingers.

His ring might not even resemble the wedding band you envision. But keep an eye out for any kind of ring. Additionally, keep an eye out for a very small tan on his ring finger.


In this essay, I hope to have demonstrated several warning indications that a Nigerian man is taking advantage of you.

The majority of the signals won't be immediately obvious to you; not because they aren't there, but rather because you aren't looking for them.

You will be able to see one or more of these indicators if you start paying close attention to his activities right away, which I beg you to do.

Once you are aware of his plans for you, it is up to you to determine what to do.

It will simply make you wait a long time for something that might not happen if you expect it to change in the future.

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