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You Should Know These Casino Tips From Reddit Told By Casino Staff


Casinos keep a lot of information from you that they don't want you to know. However, several casino insiders have revealed their casino tips on Reddit, courtesy of AMAs and other popular threads.

And we've combed through the threads throughout the years, directly from the lips of industry insiders. Here are the questions about casino game changes in your mind and answers to these and similar questions, as well as some casino tips from Reddit.

Are Casino Games Fixed?

  • The games aren't fixed (provided it is a legal casino). Because it has a mathematical edge, the casino will always earn money on its games in the long run. However, the answer is no if you mean Fixed in the sense that you can't win no matter what you do. Legitimate casino games aren't set up to defraud you.
  • The casino stands to lose everything if they cheat....the games are designed with a slight percentage edge for the house to earn money in the long term.

What Percentage Of Gamblers Win?

COPYRIGHT_TNB: Published on https://www.thenigerianblogger.com/casino-tips-from-reddit/ by Abeo Bunkechukwu on 2022-04-13T03:24:46.216Z

The gambler is almost always hoping they'll win so they can collect a tip (tip their dealers!). The other 10% of the time, they want you to lose because you're the last player at their table. Casinos do not profit share, thus no matter how much money the dealers bring in, they do not get paid.

The statistic is based on the outcomes of online casino players for two years. Throughout the whole time, 11% of the gamblers made a profit. The majority of them won less than $150 in total. The way those outcomes alter for heavy gamblers is a more crucial element.

Strategy For Casino Gaming

You can acquire a strategy card that tells you how to play most strategy games in the best manner possible. Blackjack and several video poker app versions have the most popular strategy cards. Craps and baccarat, for example, have a simpler strategy and hence do not need a strategy card.

  • Never Play Blackjack.
  • Only participate in tournaments.
  • Whenever possible, play one-on-one with the dealer.
  • In roulette, you may place two or three outside bets at the same time.
  • In slot games, only use the maximum number of lines.
  • Instead of playing other games, try Keno.
  • Passing on Craps and Laying Odds is not a good idea.

Do Not Tip Dealer Off Of The Table

  • When they take a break and you have the impression that they have entertained you and/or provided exceptional customer service.
  • When you have money in your pocket when you leave the table. Toss your additional 1/5/25 chips to them (depending on how much you're betting). Assume you won $100 and had a total of 202 dollars in chips at the time. Then throw them away for $2.
  • If you win an important battle. If you win a substantial amount of money playing roulette, it is traditional to tip the dealer the basic stake. (You tip the $10 if you bet $10 on a number and it comes up 35-1.)
  • No dealer would expect a tip if you blew out (lost everything).
  • Get a blackjack and tip a little percentage of the winnings. A $7 wager in blackjack, for example, pays off at a rate of $10.50. Toss in a 50 cent piece.

It's Not Illegal To Count Cards

Many players see card counting as a way to get an advantage over the casino. This time-honored tradition is maintaining a mental track of the cards given in order to get insight into the cards that haven't been dealt.

Card counting is often believed to be unlawful, although this is not the case. Casinos, on the other hand, frown on the practice and will promptly ban any player suspected of engaging in it.

Many blackjack players consider card counting to be a wonderful strategy to beat the house.

Don't Hate The Dealers

Too frequently, gamblers believe that the dealer, as the casino's public face, wants them to lose.

However, most dealers are aware that winners are more likely to leave a generous tip.

So, whether you're winning or losing, appreciate the dealer and take pleasure in the entertainment they provide.

Remember to give them a tip. Also, don't treat them as if they're the enemy!

The Dealers Want You To Win

If you're having trouble making a choice, they may even provide suggestions on what you should do. If you have a good dealer, they will most likely want you to win instead of the house. One reason they may want you to win is that you are more likely to tip them if you win.

Make Sure You Never Take Any Side Bets

"All side bets are poor odds," says one Reddit casino employee. Don't do them unless you want to lose money in the first place."

This has always been the case with blackjack insurance bets, but dealers across the board advise against taking those additional side bets, even if the winnings seem to be reasonable.

If You Want The Best Odds, Play Craps

If you read enough AMA posts from casino dealers on Reddit, you'll notice a pattern: they invariably start by dealing blackjack but then advise gamblers to play craps.

While excellent blackjack play might result in some of the finest odds in the casino, they believe that craps are the best.

Maybe it's time to finally figure out that game, or at the very least, ask the dealer!


Casinos keep a lot of information hidden from you that they don't want you to know. Some casino insiders, however, have revealed their gambling secrets via AMAs and other famous Reddit posts. And we've combed through the strands throughout the years, getting information directly from industry insiders.

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