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Best Lotion For Masturbation In Nigeria - How It's Done In Nigeria

Men masturbate because they find it enjoyable. When their lover is away, they want to let that sexual tension out. Using a lotion is very important for pleasure because of that, we are going to give you tips about the best lotion for masturbation in Nigeria.

Abeo Bunkechukwu
Abeo Bunkechukwu
Oct 17, 20229 Shares343 Views
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Men masturbate because they find it enjoyable. When their lover is away, they want to let that sexual tension out.

Using a lotion is very important for pleasure because of that, we are going to give you tips about the best lotion for masturbation in Nigeria.

Masturbation And Lotions

Men frequently engage in it, and it is secure for them. Some guys masturbate infrequently, some frequently, and some never at all.

Many men do it naturally, while others need lotion. But why do they need lotion when applying?

To make masturbation more interesting, men use lotion. Men can ejaculate more easily because lotion makes the surface more slick.

It is noteworthy in comparison to simply using bare hands because of the sensation of masturbating with lotion.

The penis of a man might get dry and red without lotion.

What Can I Use As Lube?

Best Masturbation Lotions In Nigeria

Baby Oil By Johnson

Like coconut oil, baby oil is mostly undetectable by the body. You'll smell like a new baby after using it, and it's smooth and long-lasting.

The only thing you'll need to worry about is that. Like coconut oil, baby oil corrodes polyisoprene and latex condoms like the Lifestyles SKYN.

Therefore, keep it out of the way while you're meeting between the sheets, even though you may use it to beat your flesh.

It lubricates and hydrates, and unlike many other lubes, it doesn't ball up.

Johnson Lotion

first lubrication for so many young boys in their preteen and adolescent years. It's possible that the lotion won't irritate your penis if you can apply it to the delicate skin on the inside of your wrist.

However, vaginas are a very different story. We do not recommend putting lotion on the vaginal area due to the delicate bacterial flora there.

For those of you with penises, please read the following advice. Look for natural, unscented lotions.

You should avoid them as well, because the majority of them contain alcohol, parabens, or other undesirable ingredients.

Coconut oil should be used as a lubricant and moisturizer because it contains no added ingredients.

The fact that lotion dries more quickly than a lubricant is another drawback. Because lubes are intended to be non-absorbent and so last longer than lotions, which are made to be absorbed.

What is the main benefit of using lotion? It will be the smoothest and softest on your penile skin.

Shibari Premium

Shibari lubricants have received 510(k) certification, which implies that the FDA has examined them and found that the formula is suitable for use by consumers.

The Shibari name is linked with dependability and quality.

Our water-based product doesn't have any colors or smells, doesn't stain, is hypoallergenic, and is sterile.

Our premium lube is made with high-quality ingredients for maximum relaxation and is made to slide smoothly for a smooth feeling and skin that feels like silk.

200 Sliquid

The safest, most natural lube you can buy is sliquid H2O intimate lube, which is the only original water-based personal lubricant that is 100% glycerin-free, paraben-free, and vegan. It is 8.5 oz. and other sliquid products are available.

This product is genuine and was imported straight from the USA. The product has a pH that ranges from 4.0 to 4.4.

This product is free of DEA, gluten, glycerin, glycol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulfates. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and vegan-friendly.

Tube of body lotion
Tube of body lotion

Valm Personal Lubricant

A personal lubricant made of silicone that feels natural and lasts a long time is called Valm Silicone. designed to aid in reducing friction and dryness without compromising sensitivity.

This product doesn't contain any parabens and is clear, odorless, and water-resistant, making it the best choice for people with sensitive skin.

Couples, men, and women will all adore this lubricant. a spill-resistant, lockable pump mechanism

It is safe to use as a lubricant for the genital area, and it has been put through a lot of tests to make sure it works with latex and polyurethane condoms.

High-performance personal lubricant Valm Silicone has elegant packaging and is manufactured in accordance with rigorous safety standards.

The personal lubricant Valm Silicone is made of silicone and is unflavored, fragrance-free, waterproof, and highly concentrated.

A few drops can effectively reduce dryness and friction without compromising feeling.

People Also Ask

How Do You Use Sex Lotion?

Due to the fact that they do not harm latex-based barrier methods of contraception like condoms, silicone-based lubes are appropriate for sexual activity.

Can Body Lotion Be Used As Sex?

Applying lubricants straight to the genitalia is not advised. Instead, squeeze a tiny bit of lubricant into your hand, warm it by pressing your fingers together, and then caress your partner or yourself with them.

What Kind Of Lotion Should I Use For Sex?

Thought of as the ideal lubrication substitute, lotions and creams should not be used without extreme caution.

All lotions intended for daily use contain potent essences and scents that are inappropriate for the delicate skin surrounding your private regions. Some parabens, which can disrupt hormones, may also be present.


Whether you're a guy or a girl, using a high-quality personal lube could significantly enhance your masturbation performance and make the experience more enjoyable.

On the other hand, lube can help women who are experiencing vaginal dryness when they are masturbating, and for men who have had their penis circumcised, lubrication is a crucial component of every masturbation session.

In this post, we looked at the best masturbation lubes for both men and women in Nigeria.

These range from natural oils to well-known lube brands.

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